For almost 30 years, BaseCamp International Centers have worked with students or representatives of academic institutions, government agencies and corporations to help them gain deep understanding and local capeability through our intensive cultural immersion programs and on-the-ground logistical support.

In the current rappidly changing geo-political environment, government agencies and corporations often require members of their teams to gain expertise in specific regions and cultures. Our training programs have been custom-developed to meet the specific and unique learning objectives of these organizatins. This includes gaining a deep understanding of the political environment, the legal framework, cultural history, foreign policy objectives/concerns, current events and a general sense of how government and corportate initiatives may be received by the local communities.

When working internationally, the most challenging task is often finding accurate information and knowing who to trust. Our agents on the ground have passed the most stringent screening. They have all demonstrated their integrity repeatedly while supporting the operation of programs for clients such as the Department of Defense in the US and the Ministry of Defense in the UK.

What we bring to the table is a globally integrated team of agents who have a demonstrated history of integrity and success.

Carson Mekedi offers truely global representation.

Through our distributed ground team, we have the assets in place to provide real-time feedback directly from the field in most countries across the globe. Our agents act only in the interests of our customers. As such, we can provide unbiased feedback based on direct observation from agents with the cultural, linguistic and business skills to understand what to look for.


North America: 866-646-4693

International: +1-613-876-0052


4622 North Shore Rd.

Perth Road, Ontario

K0H 2L0

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